What should we be teaching but we are not teaching our pupils in schools?

16 Nëntor, 2017

On Tuesday, November 14th 2017, the Tuesday Salon was held on the topic: “What should we be teaching but we are not teaching our pupils in schools?”

The informative and encouraging opening was made by: Dr. Keith Prenton, education expert; Dr. Xhavit Rexhaj, education expert; and Selim Mehmeti, researcher at the Kosovo Pedagogical Institute. Participants and panelists agree that the problem is not on the students, teachers or parents, but the problem remains the education system which is under the authority of the Government. It has also been expressed the need to incorporate technology into the education system because it would enable the pupils to be more creative and learn from many perspectives.

This salon was moderated by Petrit Tahiri, Kosovo Education Center (KEC) and the editorial was written by Edona Begu.

This Salon was organized within the framework of the International Education Week in cooperation with the Kosovo Education Center – KEC.

Find the speeches below:

Keith Prenton- International Education Expert

Xhavit Rexhaj- Education Expert

Selim Mehmeti – Researcher at the Kosovo Pedagogical Institute