Study Prezantation “Findings from the PISA 2015 test results “

21 Shtator, 2018

Kosovo Education Center (KEC) within the EU-funded project “Kosovo Education and Employment Network (KEEN)” presented today the study “Impact of teachers and school resources on the results of Kosovar students – Findings from the PISA 2015 test results “.

The study analyzes the results of the PISA 2015 test, respectively the impact of teacher and school resources on the performance of Kosovar students in math, reading, and science. This study provides information and recommendations that can be used to improve the education system as well as more efficient sharing of resources in the school.

Part of the public discussion were members of the Assembly of Kosovo, representatives from SBASHK, representatives from international development agencies and independent researchers in the field of education.

Download the document on the link below.