“Protecting of children from violence in school” closing conference

24 Qershor, 2016

The conference: ” Protecting Children from violence in schools” which is organized by KEC (Kosovo Education Centre) with the support from UNICEF and EU Office in Kosovo is taking place at Hotel Sirius in Prishtina.

Around 150 people are attending the conference, including here the Minister of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) and other representatives of MEST, the representative of the EU office in Kosovo, representatives of UNICEF, school managers and teachers, as well as students who are presenting their initiatives for establishment of Peer Mediation Groups.

The main objective of the project has been to support the schools in implementing the regulation GRK 21/2013 for the Protocol for prevention and referral of violence in pre-university education institutions, through the strengthening of the school capacities and awareness raising on the right approach to address the issue of violence.