1500 school supporting packages donated to students within the project “EU SIMRAES II”

9 Shtator, 2016

1500 school support packages have been distributed in 7 municipalities of Kosovo within the project “EU Support for Implementation of the Strategy for Integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians – Education for Integration (EU SIMRAES 2)”, During this week the distribution of packages has been completed in educational centers in the municipality of Obilic (252 packets), Orahovac (61 packs) and Gjakova (215 packets). Over the upcoming weeks the packages will be distributed in learning centers in Prizren, Istog, Fushe Kosova and Mitrovica.

These packages consist of school materials such as school bags, notebooks, pens, ruler set, color, and other materials needed based on the age.

“EU SIMRAES II” aims to support the Government of Kosovo in the development of democratic and multiethnic society by implementing the strategy of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities and its action plan.