Youth Empowered through Inclusive Schools

Youth Empowered through Inclusive Schools

Project objective: The project aims to strengthen and equip schools with the knowledge, skills and confidence to foster a more democratic and peaceful school environment that promotes tolerance, diversity, respect and mutual understanding among different ethnic communities living in Kosovo. By doing so, the project aims to empower school communities to be more resistant to conflict narratives and hate speech and more open to diverse and inclusive coexistence.

Project activities:

  • Organize introductory meetings with schools to present the peer mediation programme;
  • Organize trainings to school staff based on the “Peer Mediation Program”;
  • Organize school-based workshops to foster conflict resolution and peer mediation initiatives;
  • Organize awareness raising activities and project visibility;
  • Organize capacity building activities for teachers on inclusive teaching approaches (Education for Social Justice);
  • Organize monitoring and mentoring visits to partner schools.

Project results:

Output 1: By the end of December 2025, teachers and students from 30 selected schools in Kosovo have strengthened their capacities to facilitate better dialogue and build trust between and within different ethnic communities.

Output 2: By the end of December 2025, 180 teachers and school staff from 30 selected schools have enhanced their capacities to actively cultivate and sustain a peaceful and inclusive environment for young people.

  • Implementation period
    01/05/2024 - Ongoing
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