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This area includes training programs dedicated to teachers and school directors and also trainings that involve other participants as well, including parents and children. So far, KEC has developed 79 training programs through which more than 35,000 participants were trained. Most of these training programs have been developed within international projects and are approved by the Ministry of Education Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI). Beside trainings, this area also includes donor funded projects and programs that aim to contribute in creating an effective and all-inclusive education system. Lately, KEC is also involved in projects and programs which aim at promoting digital literacy of teachers and teens for educational purposes, by enhancing teachers’ and students’ digital competences and contributing towards the safe usage of the internet. As part of digitalization efforts, with support from an EU funded Project, in 2021 KEC launched its online education platform, the first of its kind in Kosovo to offer online courses for teachers, parents, children, and other beneficiaries. Although at its infancy and with only four online courses, the platform so far has been utilized by around 14,000 trainees.



KEC started implementing projects related to human rights in 2003, with the main focus on children’s rights. Such projects have helped develop guidelines and methodologies for the protection and promotion of children’s rights in schools, violence prevention, promotion of anti-discrimination policies in schools and society, and other activities that strengthen children’s rights. The protocol for the prevention of violence developed under this program was approved by the Government in 2013 and is now being implemented in schools of Kosovo. Moreover, the Law on Child Protection was adopted in June 2019, which enables a proper environment to continue working in this area. Other projects in this area are those related to the rights of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities. These projects ensure inclusion of these communities into society, their active participation in education and improve the quality of educational services provided to them.



In order to build the capacity to participate in educational policy making and human rights, KEC has implemented numerous projects in networking and policy making with similar organizations from Kosovo and other countries. Such projects have helped the civil society organizations in Kosovo and other Balkan countries to be active in shaping educational policies at central and local level.



Research carried out by KEC is usually of the applied nature. The goal is to analyze certain education and research-related topics from the perspective of best practices or the state of affairs, and provide recommendations for improvements. In this regard, KEC conducts evaluation of projects implemented by third parties, but also the analysis that should inform decision-making on a particular issue.