The overall objective of this project is to ensure that all children are treated with full respect for their
dignity and rights by promoting abuse-free environment in Kosovo schools. The aim of the project is to
protect school children from abuse and minimize the effects of abuse experience by improving
individual and institutional capacities for abuse prevention and support to victims.

Project results:

1. Improved capacity of schools and responsible authorities to deal with abuse-related risks.
2. Improved ability of pupils, teachers and parents to prevent child abuse in schools and respond
to abuse in an appropriate way.
3. Increased sensitivity of the general public to the child abuse problem.

Project activities:

1.1 Build capacity of targeted municipalities authorities and schools to deal with cases of child abuse;
1.2 Support municipal authorities to establish an efficient system of responding to the abuse in targeted
1.3 Provide awards and recognition to schools modelling exemplary abuse-free environments;
2.1 Develop e-learning courses on abuse prevention and response to abuse for pupils, teachers and
parents by piloting them in targeted municipalities;
2.2 Provide courses on abuse prevention and response to abuse through e-learning platform to pupils,
teachers and parents all over Kosovo;
3.1 Organize social campaigns to raise public awareness of abuse-related risks and disseminate
information on good practices;
3.2 Organize a national conference on abuse prevention as final event of the project.

  • Implementation period
    01/02/2020 to 31/01/2023
  • Personnel
    Ardita Kabashi
  • Donors and Partners

    European Union

  • Research