Teens for digitalization

Teens for digitalization

Overall objective: Empowering youth, families and the community to recognize and address the risks arising from the Internet and to contribute to the digital social transformation.

Specific objective: Strengthening the capacities of youth from upper secondary schools through the provision of trainings, the creation of partnerships between schools, civic activation and piloting of community service.


Project activities: 

Activity 1.1. Selection of project partner schools

Activity 1.2. Signing Memorandums of Understanding with schools and creating Media Clubs in schools

Activity 1.3. Preparation and delivery of training packages for Media Clubs

Activity 2.1. Planning and implementation of school activities by Media Clubs;

Activity 2.2. The establishment of the non-formal Network of Media Clubs “Teens for digitalization”, from partner schools;

Activity 2.3. Publication of good practices in official communication channels of partner schools;

Activity 3.1. Drafting and implementation of the Plan for providing support to families and the community by Media Clubs based on the “community service” methodology

Activity 3.2. Organization of training sessions through door-to-door visits for families

Activity 4.1. Organization of awareness campaigns on social digital transformation;

Activity 4.2. Compilation of good practices and their presentation through the closing event of the project.


Project outputs

Output 1 – Developing the capacities of teens in the field of Media Literacy;

Output 2 – Establishment of a functional non-formal network of teens from partner schools;

Output 3 – Empowering families and community through community service to identify and address online risks;

Output 4 – Informing citizens, activating them and making them agents of the digital transformation of society.

  • Implementation period
    22/06/2023 - Ongoing
  • Personnel
    Hana Zylfiu-Haziri
  • Research