The training program is designed to adapt to the professional development needs of the education administration staff at all levels, especially focusing on school leaders. The program is drafted by KEC experts in cooperation with AEDP, and consists of 9 modules with a total of 144 contact hours: 1) Principles of governance and leadership; 2) School legislation; 3) Modern planning of methodologies; 4) Planning of school projects; 5) School-based assessment; 6) Characteristics of an effective school; 7) Development of curriculums; 8) School and community; 9) Management of changes in education. In four years of its operation the program has reached 150 school administrators and teachers with funding from UNICEF and the Open Society Institute (OSI). Participant certification is conducted based on field visits, semi-structured interviews and portfolio evaluation. The program is awaiting accreditation from the Ministry of Education. The modules of the program are included in the Master level program in school administration provided by the Department of Pedagogy at the University of Prishtina, while the manual for school governance and guidance developed within the program was used for the provision of several courses of education management at the University. Also, a number of modules are used for special training of teachers and/or school administrators.


  • Implementation period
    01/05/2002 to 01/06/2006
  • Personnel
    Dukagjin Pupovci
  • Donors and Partners

    Open Society Institute (OSI)


  • Research