In June 2001, kosovo Education Center (KEC) was contracted to provide training on interactive learning methodologies with the first group of 10 pilot schools. The first phase of the project started in June 2001 and ended in April 2002. In cooperation with the Albanian Reading Association, KEC has developed a training program for interactive learning, and has prepared training materials. The training was conducted with 200 teachers from six training points: Pristina, Gjilan, Kaçanik, Mitrovica, Peja and Prizren. In early 2002, UNICEF Kosovo completed the selection of 35 pilot schools in Kosovo, of which 4 schools were taught in Serbian, while 31 other schools offered instruction in Albanian, Bosnian, Turkish and Croatian. In cooperation with UNICEF and KFOS, KEC has implemented the following activities: 1. Interactive learning training for the second group of 21 pilot schools (350 teachers); 2. Building the participatory capacities of school management at school level, including meetings with school principals for reflection and implementation of training results; 3. Documenting best practices of managing participating schools and presenting examples.


  • Implementation period
    01/06/2002 to 30/09/2003
  • Personnel
    Halim Hyseni
  • Donors and Partners

    Kosovo Foundation for open Society


  • Research