The project has provided grants to primary and secondary schools of Kosovo to address the increase in quality of the teaching and learning process. Schools, having been pre-selected by local authorities, have drafted proposals aimed at creating effective learning and a learning environment in primary and secondary education. School projects have covered a wide range of interventions, including improving infrastructure with the adoption of certain premises within schools for the creation of natural sciences, IT, music and foreign language laboratories, as well as providing necessary equipment for them. Also through their projects, schools receive assistance in the field of teaching, thus enriching their library collections. The effective use of equipment and books is monitored through a unified methodology that includes beneficiary schools, Municipal Directorates of Education and MEST. The overall objectives of the project were:

  • Strengthening the capacity of schools to plan and manage resources to realize their vision in terms of developing effective learning environments.
  • Fostering the creativity and capacity of teachers to ensure the qualities of learning and inclusive education.
  • Improve the performance of teachers at school level.
  • Creating quality learning and an environment to improve student performance.
  • Promoting the participation of school boards, parents and the community in the planning of education, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of school activities.

Key results:

  1. Over 207 schools have benefited from the school grant scheme.
  2. Schools have strengthened their capacities and infrastructure to enhance student successes, as well as create a friendly environment within schools to foster teacher creativity and capacity to ensure learning quality.
  3. Increase accountability and participation through active school boards and partnerships of municipal school government.
  • Implementation period
    21/06/2010 to 30/06/2012
  • Personnel
    Melinda Mula
  • Donors and Partners

    World Bank

  • Research