The main objective of the project was to create conditions for secondary and primary schools in Kosovo to become friendly schools for children and free from the environment of violence in order to become powerful learning institutions. The main activities of the project were:

  1. Support of the network for prevention of violence: Organizing a one-day training with members of regional and municipal committees for the protection of children’s rights; Drafting the action plan of the Municipal and Regional Committee for the Protection of the Rights of the Child.
  2. Expanding and strengthening the network of violence prevention: Organizing meetings with representatives of the NSA for the establishment of municipal and regional Committees on The Rights of the Child; Establishing municipal and regional committees on the rights of the child; Monitoring and evaluation of regional and municipal committees in preventing violence; Development of two-day training with school directors on drafting School Development Plans for the period 2010-2015 (with the objective: Creating safe and non-violent environments in schools).
  3. Establishing the Kosovo Commission for The Prevention of Violence: Drafting detailed guidelines of the Kosovo Committee for the Prevention of Violence; Organize a public discussion on guidelines on the work of the National Committee for the Prevention of Violence.
  4. Dissemination of progress and achievements of project intervention: Preparation of five project-made changes exhibitions (five pilot municipalities); Organizing an exhibition on positive project changes (in 15 municipalities of Kosovo); Organization of regional conference in five centers (Gjakova, Gjilan, Mitrovica, Peja and Prizren); Organize the Children’s Rights Fair.

Key results:

  1. The network for preventing violence was strengthened;
  2. The network for violence prevention was strengthened through conferences, trainings, round tables, exhibitions, media etc.
  3. The network for prevention of violence at the central level was established;
  4. Special Protocol on Prevention and Response to Violence was adopted;
  5. The National Plan for Preventing and Responding to Violence was drawn up;
  6. A framework for evaluation and monitoring was developed.
  • Implementation period
    15/12/2010 to 15/12/2012
  • Personnel
    Petrit Tahiri
  • Donors and Partners


  • Research