The FACE project is an educational project that aims to support children from an unpopulated environment, in order to make them aware of their competences. Face project is supported by IPE University of Education, Zurich.

Discovering ourselves and what we are capable of is the first step towards a positive concept. FACE offers students many age-appropriate tasks to do this. It also encourages students to present themselves and their abilities to others and, most importantly, tries to involve parents.

For teachers this is a great opportunity to get to know their students and families better. By actively teaching them life skills and self-competencies, the project strives to increase students’ self-esteem and make them recognise the importance of education.

Face promotes the quality of living and learning together in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment.

The teaching material includes three brochures dealing with issues of identity, skills, talents and interests, emotions and heritage:

1) Age 4 – 6: FACE 1 – Develop your self-esteem and play together

2) Age 7 – 9: FACE 2 – Develop your self-esteem and celebrate together

3) Age 10 – 12: FACE 3 – Develop your self-esteem and work together IPE In cooperation with KEC they have presented the FACE program in two schools and 4 teaching centers in Kosovo. 50 teachers and fasilitators were trained in advance before the start of the project.


  • Implementation period
    01/01/2017 to 31/12/2018
  • Personnel
    Hana Zylfiu-Haziri
  • Donors and Partners

    Zurich University of Education (PHZH)

  • Research