The main objective of the project was to promote equality and diversity in the education system in Kosovo, by building the capacities of actors in the field of social justice. The “Education for Social Justice” program was a training program aimed at creating critical awareness to understand cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity as human values. Acceptance of others without prejudice, being tolerant and open, should be essential features of every citizen and condition for the establishment of a democratic society. Such an approach allows every citizen to be accepted and treated fairly and equally individually, socially and institutionally. The main activities were:

  • Translation of the manual for “Education for Social Justice”;
  • ToT (Training of Trainers);
  • Providing field training;
  • Organizing social events with teachers and children;

The main results were:

  1. Manual for Social Justice education translated into Albanian.
  2. Capacity building and training in the field of social justice;
  3. Teachers, school administrators and students from different communities were trained;
  4. Social events with children were organized.
  • Implementation period
    01/01/2007 to 31/12/2011
  • Personnel
    Petrit Tahiri
  • Donors and Partners

    Open Society Institute (OSI)

    OSCE Mission in Kosovo

    US Embassy

    World Bank

  • Research