The aim of the project was to increase transparency and reduce corrupt practices in society through the promotion of active citizenship and mobilization of citizens against corruption. The main objective of the project is to raise awareness among citizens about the risk of corruption, as well as the importance and ways of combating it.

The project activities were:

• Preparation of training materials,

• Organizing 10 2-day trainings for 300 representatives of institutions, community, civil society, youth associations in 10 countries of Kosovo,

• Organizing 7 roundtables on fighting corruption.

• Organizing youth programs on radio and TV for fighting corruption,

• Organizing the week against corruption in 7 regions,

• Preparation and printing of leaflets on the fight against corruption.

The main achievements of the Project were:

1. Capacity building within institutions and the community for anti-corruption education. KEC in cooperation with ACA have prepared the materials for all sessions that were presented during the 2-day trainings. In addition to the materials, KEC has distributed the book “Education against Corruption” to all interested parties who have expressed interest in obtaining more information about corruption and the way of incorporating the anti-corruption idea in the social sciences subjects of secondary schools. The distributed materials can serve as basic information for a wide range of citizens interested in understanding and involving it in various anti-corruption activities. KEC in cooperation with ACA has led 12 2-day seminars throughout Kosovo, in which 309 representatives of different institutions participated. The project was planned to organize 10 seminars, but the small number of participants in the trainings imposed the organization of 2 other seminars to reach the indicator of 300 participants in the trainings that was presented in the project. Kec has organized 8 round tables.

2. Raising awareness among youth on the causes and consequences of corruption, through organizing the “Week against Corruption”. KEC in cooperation with representatives of youth organizations and several local NGOs organized the week of the fight against corruption in the 7 centers of Kosovo. The Week of the Fight Against Corruption was organized from June 24 to July 1 in Prizren, Istog, Gjakova, Gjilan and Mitrovica, while from June 27 to July 5 it was organized in Ferizaj and Pristina.

Activities organized during the week against corruption are:

• Distribution of leaflets and posters

• Survey with citizens

• Wearing t-shirts with the motto “Stop corruption”

• Anti-corruption statements of citizens presented on TV

• Round tables

• Seminar with young people

• Competition for the most beautiful article worked by high school students

• Exhibitions of Figurative Art

• Participation in radio and TV shows

• Distribution of anti-corruption law

  • Implementation period
    01/01/2007 to 30/09/2007
  • Personnel
    Melinda Mula
  • Donors and Partners

    Training and Resource Center (ATRC)


  • Research