The specific objective of the project was to mobilize local resources to increase the participation of children from disadvantaged groups in preschool and primary education by strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations to engage in cooperation with parents, schools, as well as local and central authorities. The project focused on strengthening the capacities of partner organizations to improve access to preschool and compulsory education for children from vulnerable groups, including children of low-income families, disabled, minorities, and so on. The main beneficiaries of the project were the two local associations, the Union of Education, Science and Culture of Kosovo (SBASHK) and the Kosovo Association for Human and Child Rights (KAHCR), while the role of the other two project partners, Kosovo Education Center (KEC) and international Step-By-Step Partnership (ISSA), was to provide expertise to build a strong and sustainable network of educational organizations. The main activities were: Building organizational capacities and managing partner associations; Specific training focused on organizational changes and development, participatory planning (PCM) skills, monitoring and evaluation; consulting based on the needs of the partner associations. Establish a Network of Participation of Civil Society Organizations from Kosovo and to develop its short-term strategy. Building the capacity of partnerships with advocating organizations and engaging in policy analysis with central and local authorities, providing appropriate training. Drafting policies related to participation and retention in education. Training of 500 members of SBASHK and KAHCR on children’s rights, anti-bias and advocacy at local level. Key results:

  1. A strategic network has been built that operates between three local partners (KEC, SBASHK and KAHCR).
  2. Policies regarding participation and retention in primary education are formulated in cooperation with central and local authorities.
  3. Members of SBASHK and KAHCR have the capacity to influence participation in education at local level.


  • Implementation period
    06/02/2007 to 06/08/2008
  • Personnel
    Jehona Xhaferi
  • Donors and Partners

    European Union

  • Research