The purpose of this project is to train teachers to develop the learning competencies of students defined in the Kosovo Curriculum Framework through the use of the SchoolMe digital framework (Teach me) and other online resources in the teaching process. The main activities of the project include:

  1. Selecting 15 schools from different countries of Kosovo to implement the Teach Me project (SchoolMe)

KEC in cooperation with MEST will draft criteria for selection of 15 schools in which the project will be piloted. Some of the criteria that will be considered during the selection of schools are their geographic distribution (schools from urban and rural areas of different cities of Kosovo), size of schools (large and small), internet access opportunities, readiness of directors and teachers to implement innovations in the learning process, readiness of the NSA for co-funding, etc. After drafting the criteria, KEC will cooperate with the DKA to prepare the list of schools in which this project will be piloted.

  1. Establishment of a group with school coordinators for project implementation

KEC will establish a group of 15 people, with one representative for each school, coordinating the cooperation between KEC and the respective school during the project implementation. The group of school coordinators will meet on a periodic basis in KEC to discuss the overall implementation of the project in their schools. The group will also be responsible for establishing a network of schools implementing the SchoolMe project, as well as for publishing successful cases of project implementation in schools.

  1. Preparation of the training manual for capacity building of schools for the use of digital platform

KEC in cooperation with SchoolMe representatives will prepare the training module for building the capacity of schools for using the digital platform, as well as for the preparation of materials that will enrich it. The module will be prepared to include various topics that will be presented during a 3-day training, which will be organized with representatives of the participating schools in the project.

  1. Building capacity of schools for using digital platform and enriching it

KEC in cooperation with the directors of participating schools in the project will select 25 teachers for each participating school in the project to participate in the 3-day training that will be organized within the project. The training will enable the teachers to use the digital platform, as well as to prepare materials that will enable its enrichment. The trainings will be organized on a school basis in order to strengthen cooperation among colleagues for the implementation of the digital platform and its enrichment. Trained teachers will help other teachers of their school to use digital pltaform during the teaching process.

  1. Membership of schools in digital platforms

KEC in cooperation with school principals will collect the data of teachers and students in a database and hand it over to SchoolMe representatives to enable their connection to the digital platform. Kec will also ensure that SchoolMe representatives will join the SchoolMe digital platform of all teachers and 500 students of 15 participating schools in the project by the end of August 2016, in order to enable the use of the platform on the occasion of the start of the school year 2016/2017 and the continuation of its use during the 2017/2018 school year.

  1. Mapping the monitoring framework

The use of digital platform in the learning process is realized for the first time in Kosovo, so it is of particular importance to ensure monitoring of this process in order to follow its implementation. For this reason, within the project a monitoring framework will be drafted, which will contain monitoring methodology, instruments, monitoring periods, as well as forms of reporting. Monitoring the use of digital platform in the learning process is of outstanding importance, as it provides information on how it affects the creation of a more appropriate climate during the learning process, the motivation of students to learn, as well as the development of certain competences of the students.

  1. Organizing the monitoring process of participating schools in the project

Based on the monitoring framework, KEC will organize monitoring of the participating schools in the project. Each of the 15 schools will be monitored from 3 days within 4 half-years, in order to gain a clear information regarding the use of the digital platform during the teaching process by teachers. The monitoring will be carried out based on monitoring forms.

  1. Organizing study visit to Moldova

The use of digital platforms in the learning process is a novelty in Kosovo, so it is good to benefit from the experiences of countries that have started implementing similar projects in their countries. A good case is Moldova, which has implemented an OSI-funded project to prepare 29 laboratories for e-learning. A team of 5-6 experts composed of representatives of KEC, MEST, DKA will stay 3-4 days in Moldova in order to benefit from the experience of this country in using e-learning laboratories in the learning process. Expected results:

  • Teachers 15 schools in Kosovo use the Digital Platform SchoolMe in the learning process to develop the learning competences of students that are part of the Kosovo Curriculum Framework.
  • Students from 15 schools in Kosovo develop the skills of using the Digital Platform SchoolMe in the process of learning and self-assessment of knowledge gained through online tests.
  • Teachers of participating schools in the project will prepare online lesson models to enrich the digital platform with learning content that enable the implementation of the Kosovo Curriculum Cone in various teaching areas.
  • Implementation period
    22/03/2016 to 30/11/2018
  • Personnel
    Melinda Mula
  • Donors and Partners

    Fondacioni i Kosovës për Shoqëri të Hapur (KFOS)

  • Research