USAID’s “After School Support for Teens” (ASSET) – “Support Adolescents After Regular Learning” is a 5-year program managed by the Kosovo Education Center (KEC) in partnership with FHI 360 and Crimson Capital Corp. The main goal of the Program is to develop employment and entrepreneurship skills for young people by creating a positive understanding of their future. The motto of the Program is “Preparing Kosovo’s youth for life and work in the 21st century”. The activities that will be carried out by this program are:

  1. Developing skills for life and work

The program supports the implementation of the Kosovo Curriculum and the Core Curriculum for grades 10-12, in particular by providing support in the field “Life and Work” which includes career counseling and guidance, technology (including ICT), and work and entrepreneurship education. To support schools in implementing practical projects, the Program will help them establish “Career and Entrepreneurship Centers” with spaces called “Makerspaces” (creative spaces) that can be used during and after the curfew.

  1. Support career education and entrepreneurship in schools

The program aims to support the Ministry of Education and schools in implementing the curriculum for career education and entrepreneurship for grades 10-12. This will include developing evaluation instruments for expected learning outcomes, accredited courses for teachers, teaching resources and materials, teacher training, and cooperation with partners to promote the “Virtual Career Center“, online career portal available to young people and their parents inside and outside the school system.

  1. Connecting schools to employers and community

In cooperation with partners, the Program aims to engage interested businesses and entrepreneurs to support students in developing work skills through projects and practical experience. The activity of the “Adopt an Asset” program aims to enable businesses in and outside Kosovo to support different students by providing them with work experience, practice, career advice and mentoring. The activity “Youth Map for the Community” will engage young people and adults in identifying resources, needs and opportunities in the community. Youth map is an action-oriented activity where young people research their community through surveys and reflections on the information provided. Engaging young people in these activities equips them with skills that enable them to become agents of change and productive contributors to their community.

  • Implementation period
    01/06/2017 to 06/06/2021
  • Research