The I.M.PACT project was an initiative for South East Europe with the aim of developing management capacities for Democratic Citizen Education (EDC) projects, presenting and disseminating a comprehensive methodology for participatory project planning and self-assessment. Involving six beneficiary institutions and partners from the six participating countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania and Serbia – the project has been developed to respond to the need for capacity building in project design and management, which is identified in the EDC Group Monitoring Report. The project also aimed at developing “culture of appreciation” as a quality assurance tool in the implementation of the projects for Education for Democratic Citizenship. The activities within the project were:

  • Training of representatives from partner institutions;
  • Developing training materials and translating them into the languages of partner countries;
  • Selection of trainers from each participating country;
  • Training of trainers in participatory project planning and self-assessment;
  • Selection of trainers of each participating country and training;
  • Tracking activities in each partner country;
  • Reference group meeting and self-assessment sessions.


  • Implementation period
    01/09/2004 to 31/12/2005
  • Personnel
    Dukagjin Pupovci
  • Donors and Partners

    Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC)

  • Research