The outcome of this Project is that (1) the Kosovo higher education becomes more democratic and indicates improvement of legislation and increased inclusiveness of students in decision-making processes, while (2) public higher education institutions (HEIs) are internally competitive. In the long term, the Project aims to contribute to the improved quality, effectiveness, and competitiveness of the higher education sector with the ultimate goal to foster social and economic development of the country.


The Project has six (6) outputs, defined in terms of expected results, as follows:

Output 1. Increased usage of digital services and workflows by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA) and improved credibility of the accreditation process.

Output 2. Established Ranking System of public higher education institutions.

Output 3. Improved performance of HEIs in preventing academic misconduct.

Output 4. Improved transparency and efficiency of work processes in the National Academic Recognition Information Center (NARIC) Kosova.

Output 5. Enhanced capacity of junior faculty members (teaching assistants and/or post-docs) to carry out research-based teaching with an emphasis on gender equality in research.

Output 6. Increased democracy in HEIs through student activism that also ensures inclusion and gender equality.

  • Implementation period
    01/11/2022 - Ongoing
  • Donors and Partners

    Austrian Development Agency

  • Research