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Kosova Education Center (KEC) is a non-governmental and not-for- profit organization founded in 2000 with the idea of focusing on provision of in-service teacher training programs. This still remains an important aspect of its operations, but, in course of time, KEC has expanded its scope of work in four key areas: 1) Quality of Education, 2) Human Rights; 3) Networking and participation in policy making, and 4) Education research. KEC has a wide range of local and international partners that consist of non-governmental organizations, consulting companies, development agencies and state institutions.

Since 2004, the school “Mileniumi i Tretë” operates within KEC, and carries out its activities in primary and secondary education.

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Develop the capacity for advancing the education system by providing high quality services and resources, and by cooperating actively with all stakeholders in and outside the country.


Development of an effective and all-inclusive education system, which contributes to the sustainable economy and social development of the country, by preparing citizens to become lifelong learners and to participate actively in a democratic life.

What We Do

Improving the Quality of Education

This category mainly includes training programs for teachers and school managers, but also for other participants. KEC has 68 such programs, through which over 30,000 participants were trained. Most of these training programs have been developed within international projects and are accredited by the MEST. Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking and Step by Step are two of the oldest and still the most required training programs offered by KEC, and their content has been now included in the Faculty of Education Programs.

Human Rights

KEC has started implementing projects linked to human rights in 2003, with the main focus on children's rights. Such projects have helped develop guidelines and methodologies for the protection of children's rights in schools, violence prevention, and other activities that strengthen children’s rights. The protocol for the prevention of violence developed under this program is approved by the Government and is now being implemented in schools of Kosovo. Other projects in this area are those related to the rights of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities. These projects ensure inclusion of these communities into society, and improve the quality of educational services provided to them.

Networking and Participation in Policy Making

KEC has implemented numerous projects in networking and policy making with similar organizations from Kosovo and abroad, in order to build the capacity to participate in educational policy making and human rights. Such projects have helped the civil society organizations in Kosovo and other Balkan countries to be active in shaping educational policies at the central and local level.

Education Research

Research carried out by KEC is usually of the applied nature. The goal is to analyze certain education and research-related topics from the perspective of best practices or the state of affairs, and provide recommendations for improvements. In this regard, KEC conducts evaluation of projects implemented by third parties, but also the analyses that should inform decision-making on a particular issue.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

KEC’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by an Accredited Certification Body. The scope of certification includes:

“Design, development, management and delivery of projects and training programs in the field of education, human rights, youth and social services”.

This certification demonstrates our commitment to quality.

Quality Policy

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


  • Gëzim Krasniqi

    Board Director

  • Vera Pula


  • Besa Luzha


  • Lindita Tahiri


  • Drita Haxhaj



  • Petrit Tahiri
    Executive Director


  • Nora Tafarshiku
    Administrative Director


  • Gëzim Hyseni


  • Hana Zylfiu-Haziri
    Program Manager


  • Ardita Kabashi
    Project Manager


  • Sofije Toska


  • Edita Buçinca
    Project Manager



  • Hana Hasimja
    Thematic Coordinator for Digitalization



  • Shpend Bajoku
    Project Officer



  • Besjan Haziri
    Project Manager


  • Naim Kadolli


  • Mjellma Brovina
    Finance Manager


  • Granit Brajshori
    Project Manager


  • Fjolla Xharra Bejtullahu
    Monitoring and Quality Assurance Manager


  • Selami Thaqi
    Logistics/Supplies Officer


  • Sokol Statovci
    Logistics/Supplies Officer


  • Xhevahire Tahiri


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