Technical support for municipalities to implement the Action Plans for educational reintegration and social inclusion of repatriated children, members of ethnic minorities, and children with special educational needs


The overall objective of this project is to strengthen the capacities of targeted municipalities to create a
suitable environment for implementation of legal framework towards reintegration of repatriated
children in educational system through advocacy, coordination, facilitation, coaching, capacity building,
monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning activities
Project outputs
Output 1 – “Increased capacity of municipalities and effective reintegration measures among municipal
Output 2 – “School communities have capacity to ensure reintegration of repatriated children through
implementation of the inclusive school approaches”.
Project activities
1.1. Kick-of event for each municipality;
1.2. Provide regular technical support in implementation of Action Plans;
1.3. Enhancing cross-sector collaboration;
2.1. Capacity building for school staff to address school drop-out;
2.2. Capacity building for schools’ staff to address specific needs of vulnerable groups, especially of
repatriated children;
2.3. Capacity building for teachers to implement supplementary language classes for repatriated
2.4. Enhancing cooperation between municipalities, schools, civil society and community
2.5. Community Mediation activities;
2.6. Monitoring of Implementation of Action Plans;
2.7. Generating good practice examples and making them available to other schools through a
platform for exchange – workshop and general public through a final event of the project.

Partners and Donors