Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking (RWCT)


The objectives of the project are:

Implementation of various techniques and strategies of the RWCT programme to assist teachers in:

  • Creation of classes that initiate open and responsible interactions
  • Usage of teaching structure that will encourage critical thinking and independent learning
  • Usage of various techniques that will assist pupils in the process of gaining new knowledge
  • Serving as a resource of knowledge for other teachers

Main results:

In 13 years of operation the Program has reached 6,700 educators who received certification for participation (Level 1), 274 were certified as RWCT Teachers (Level 2) and 62 as Trainers (Level 3). Funding for dissemination of training was raised from various sources including Ministry of Education, municipalities, development partners and own revenues. Also, it should be noted that a number of training programs developed by KEC use RWCT Program techniques for the purpose of their provision, whereas the Program itself is part of several courses taught at the University of Prishtina.

Training Capacity

• Development of training materials and guidebooks,
• Training of trainers and provision of on-site support for certification purposes,
• Networking of trainers ,
• Development of the Program Certification System,
• Accreditation of the training program with MEST.

Provision of training

• Provision of school-based and non-school based training for primary and secondary teachers,
• Provision of training for university teachers,
• Classroom monitoring (1-2 classes for each trainee),
• Certification of trainees.

Partners and Donors