Quality, Accountability, Integrity and Transparency in Higher Education (QAINT)

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The project “Quality, Accountability, Integrity and Transparency in Higer Education (QAINT)” aims at
aligning the Kosovo higher education system with international standards of quality, transparency,
integrity and accountability. The long-term Impact of the Action is improved quality and competitiveness
of the higher education sector which contributes to social and economic development of the country.
Project outputs:
Output 1. Enhanced capacity of the KAA to monitor providers of higher education and advise the MEST
on results of the quality assessment, and improved credibility of the accreditation process.
Output 2. Improved transparency, integrity and accountability in the higher education sector.
Output 3. Improved legislation (regulations, procedures and practices) related to academic issues in
higher education.
Output 4. Enhanced capacity of young faculty members (young university assistants and/or post-docs) to
carry-out research-guided teaching.

Project activities
1.1. Develop capacity of KAA for monitoring of higher education providers including development of
monitoring guidelines and staff training
1.2. Facilitate monitoring of higher education providers
1.3. Monitor the decisions of the NQC
2.1. Set up and operate a funding scheme for student groups from public HEIs
2.2. Monitoring the use of public funds in universities
2.3. Support introduction of open data in public universities
2.4. Monitoring academic appointments and qualifications of academic staff in public universities
2.5. Monitoring ENIC/NARIC and other relevant organizational units at MEST
2.6. Develop and implement the capacity building plan for ORCA
3.1. Support development of procedures and regulations related to academic issues
3.2. Facilitate implementation of new procedures and regulations
4.1. Co-design and operate two schemes for promoting research-based teaching.
4.2. Support academic institutions in managing and monitoring the grants.
4.3. Co-design and implement trainings about inspiring practices for research-based teaching with the
academic institutions.