Quality, Accountability and Inclusiveness in Education 2021


The one-year program “Quality, Accountability and Inclusiveness in Education 2021” is funded by the European Union Office in Kosovo under the Partnership Framework Agreement signed between Kosova Education Center (KEC) and the EU Office in November 2019. This program is an integral part of the KEC 2020 – 2024 Strategy and as such aims to improve quality and accountability through involvement in policy making and advocacy, monitoring the implementation of policies, conducting research in the field of education, and organizing public discussions. In this aspect, the program is organized in two components: 1) Research and Monitoring and 2) Policy Making and Advocacy.


Project activities:


1.1. Develop a detailed plan for conducting research on education issues including monitoring of reforms and other developments in the Education Sector

1.2. Conduct research according to the plan and publish reports

2.1. Initiate and organize public discussions on relevant issues in the Education Sector

2.2. Undertake and engage in advocacy initiatives targeting improvements within the Education Sector

2.3. Network and coordinate activities with other CSOs and relevant stakeholders, particularly those focusing on the Education Sector


The duration of the program is January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021.

Partners and Donors