PEACOCK-FACE 2 (Peace through competences, cooperation and knowledge)


Overall goal of the project: To support the peaceful coexistence of all ethnic groups in Kosovo through the introduction of a personal development teaching program.


Project results:

  • Development of teaching and learning materials for personal development dedicated to grades 5-9;
  • Adaptation of existing materials for use in the Kosovo context;
  • Development of On-line and face-to-face training courses for students and teachers before and in service;
  • Achievement of sustainable changes in the teacher training system;
  • Integration of concepts in the programming / syllabi of pre-service teacher education;
  • Transfer of material for Personal Development / Life Skills in education, pre-service and in service;
  • Shifting of lectures from knowledge-based to student-based teaching.


The Faculty of Education as a project partner develops life skills concepts through:

  • Integration of concepts in the program / syllabus,
  • Developing an online and face-to-face course for students,
  • Development of symposium and analysis about the development of skills in students in our education system.

Partners and Donors