Empowering Youth for a Peaceful, Prosperous, and Sustainable Future in Kosovo


Output 1: By the end of project, teachers and children’s from 20 schools in selected municipalities will have the
knowledge and skills to deal with conflict through conflict resolution and peer mediation methodologies.
Output 2: By the end of the project, capacities of school officials are strengthened to monitor and support
children to implement conflict resolution and Peer mediation methodologies.
Output 3: Strengthened cooperation among local participated schools and local authorities to share good practices
and promote peaceful, prosperous and sustainable environment for youth
Project activities:
A1.1. Develop a project information sheet and visibility materials to share with stakeholders
A1.2. Identify 20 schools from the targeted municipalities region as a target schools of the project
A1.3. Deliver trainings to school staff based on the “Conflict resolution program”
A1.4. Deliver training to school staff based on the “Peer Mediation Program”
A2.1. Organize monitoring and mentoring visits to schools involved in the project”
A2.1. Organize training for officials to maintain monitoring and mentoring framework
A3.2. Organize 2 multi-ethnic camps to finalize project idea on how to disseminate the idea of conflict
resolution and peer mediation
A3.3. Implementing schools based initiatives through school grants
A3.4. Organize closing event (fair) in Prishtina

Partners and Donors