Action Against Discrimination for All - AADA


The overall objective of this project is to ensure that all youngsters are treated with full respect for their dignity and rights by promoting supportive environment and anti-discrimination policies in schools and society.


Project results

  1. Improved capacity of upper secondary schools and responsible municipal authorities to deal with discrimination and hate speech in school environment.
  2. Improved skills of youngsters, to support their peers at risk, and counter hate speech and discrimination
  3. Increased sensitivity of the general public to the discrimination and hate speech against vulnerable groups.

Project activities

  1. Establish 15 School Clubs;
  2. Build capacity of 15 partner upper secondary schools to deal with all forms of discrimination and hate speech;
  3. Implement Peer Mediation and counter hate speech methodologies in partner schools;
  4. Support school authorities to establish an efficient system of responding to discrimination cases within school environment.;
  5. Organize three rounds of summer school based on PONDER Methodology;
  6. Support 15 Schools Clubs to produce digital content to promote counter hate speech and discrimination;
  7. Develop and populate official social media channels/profiles of partner schools;
  8. Organise social campaigns to raise public awareness through dissemination of the digital content produced by Kosovo youngsters;
  9. Organise a national closing event.

Partners and Donors