After School Support for Teens (ASSET)


USAID’s “After School Support for Teens” Program (ASSET) is a new, 5 year, USAID program in Kosovo, managed by Kosova Education Centre (KEC) in partnership with FHI 360 and Crimson Capital Corp. ASSET’s main aim is to develop employability and entrepreneurial skills in Youth and a positive attitude to their future. ASSET’s slogan is:


“Preparing Kosovo Youth for 21st Century Life and Work.”


1: Establishing Career and Enterprise Hubs                                 


ASSET will provide opportunities for Secondary School students to establish “Career and Enterprise Hubs in schools”. These hubs will include 21st Century “Makerspaces”.

A Makerspace is a collaborative workspace, where students can participate in practical creative projects aimed at developing entrepreneurial attitudes and employability competences. Young people use a variety of technology in practical creative projects, relating to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, art and music. They create solutions, design products, and explore their own creative interests, developing 21st Century skills and self-confidence.



2: Developing a Careers Education System


ASSET aims to assist the Ministry of Education to develop its careers education system for teens, including a “Virtual Careers Center”, an online careers portal open to all young people and their parents. ASSET aligns with Kosovo’s Curriculum Framework by supporting Competency 4: “Life and Work Skills”, which includes workforce readiness competencies, including:

  • Demonstrating entrepreneurial skills, planning knowledge for work, and rational use of time;
  • Presenting oneself in the best way and emphasizing one’s own capabilities;
  • Working independently and as a member of a team;
  • Organizing and leading learning and social activities; and
  • Mastering abilities for conflict management and risk assessment.


3: Connecting Students with Employers and the Community


ASSET aims to identify businesses and entrepreneurs interested in engaging students in projects and internships. Its Community Youth Mapping activity will engage young people and adults in identifying community-based resources, needs, and opportunities. Youth mapping is action oriented as young people research their communities, speaking with community members, taking surveys, and inputting and reflecting on the data. Involving youth in these activities provides them with skills that allow them to become agents of change within their communities.

ASSET’s “Adopt an Asset” activity aims to enable businesses inside and outside Kosovo to support individual students by providing work experience, careers advice, and mentorship.

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