School Me


The purpose of this project is to enable teachers to develop student’s skills of learning, defined in the Curriculum Framework of Kosovo through the use of digital platform SchoolMe as well as other online resources in the learning process.

The main activities of the project are:

  • The selection of 15 schools from different municipalities of Kosovo in which School Me will be implemented

KEC in cooperation with the MEST will make the development of criteria for the selection of 15 schools that will pilot the project. Some of the criteria that will be considered during the selection of schools are their geographical distribution (schools from urban and rural areas in different towns of Kosovo), the size of the school (large and small), the possibilities of Internet access, the capability of principals and teachers to implement innovations in the learning process, willingness of MED for co-finance etc. After drafting the criteria, KEC will cooperate with MED to prepare a list of schools that will implement this project.

  • Establishment of school coordinators group for the project implementation

KEC will establish a group of 15 people, with one representative for each school, which will coordinate cooperation between KEC and the respective school during the project implementation. School coordinators group will meet regularly in KEC to discuss the progress of implementation of the project in their schools. Also the group will be responsible for creating a network of schools that implement SchoolMe project, as well as publicizing cases of successful project implementations in schools.

  • Preparation of the training manual for building school capacity in using the digital platform

KEC in cooperation with representatives of SchoolMe will prepare a training module for building the capacity of schools to use digital platforms as well as for the preparation of materials that will enrich it. The module will include various topics that will be presented during a 3-day training, which will be organized with representatives of participants in schools that are included in the project.

  • Building schools capacity in using the digital platform and its enrichment

KEC in cooperation with school directors will select 25 teachers for each school to participate in the 3-day training that will be organized within the project. The training will enable teachers to use the digital platform. Training will be organized on the basis of school in order to strengthen the cooperation between colleagues to implement the digital platform and its enrichment. Trained teachers will help other school teachers to use the digital platform during the learning process.

  • Schools’ membership in digital platform

KEC in cooperation with school directors will collect data of teachers and students in a database and hand it to the SchoolMe representatives to enable their connection to the digital platform. KEC will ensure that representatives of SchoolMe will create a membership in the School Me digital platform which will include all teachers and students from 15 schools.

  • Drafting the monitoring framework

The use of digital platform in the learning process is being implemented for the first time in Kosovo, so it is particularly important to ensure the monitoring of this process in order to transmit its implementation. For this reason the project will design a monitoring framework, which will include the monitoring methodology, instruments, monitoring periods, as well as the reporting format. Monitoring the use of digital platform in the learning process is of paramount importance, because it provides information on how it affects the creation of a friendly environment during the learning process, motivate students to learn, and to develop specific competencies of students.

  • Organizing the monitoring process of the participating schools

Based on the monitoring framework, KEC will organize monitoring of the participating schools. Each of the 15 schools will be monitored for 3 days in 4 semi-annual reports, in order to obtain a clear information regarding the use of digital platform during the learning process by teachers. Monitoring will be conducted based on the forms of monitoring.

  • Organize a study visit to Moldova

The use of digital platform is an innovation in the learning process in Kosovo, so it is best to benefit from the experiences of countries that have started to implement similar projects in their countries. A good case is Moldova, which has implemented a project funded by OSI to prepare the 29 laboratories for e-learning. A team of 5-6 experts composed of representatives of KEC, MEST, MED will stay 3-4 days in Moldova in order to benefit from the experience of this country in the use of e-learning laboratories in the learning process.

Expected results of the project:

  • 15 school teachers of Kosovo will use the “School Me” digital platform in the learning process to develop the competencies of student learning that are part of the Kosovo Curriculum Framework.
  • Students from 15 schools of Kosovo will develop skills in using the digital platform in the process of learning and self-assessment of knowledge gained through online tests.
  • School teachers participating in the project will prepare online lessons to enrich the learning content digital platform to enable the implementation of the Kosovo Curriculum Framework in different learning areas.

Partners and Donors


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