• 02.11.2018

    USAID Program ASSET and Gymnasium “Kuvendi i Arberit” in Ferizaj sign the co-operation agreement

      The USAID funded Program "After School Support for Teens" and Gymnasium "Kuvendi i Arbërit" in Ferizaj have signed a cooperation agreement which will enable the establishment of a Career and Entrepreneurship Center and numerous activities for students and school teachers, in order for the students to be equipped with…

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  • 11.10.2018

    International Girl Child Day

    To mark the International Girl Child Day, 30 girls  from 5 municipalities are being supported, empowered and motivated by today’s activities which breaks the stereotype of one-gender dominated professions. Our visit at the Air Navigation Services Agency gave our girls a hands-on experience in the work it takes to land…

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  • 29.09.2018

    Kosovo Academy for Democracy and Human Rights

    The Kosovo Academy for Democracy and Human Rights started a training program that aims strengthening democratic culture in Kosovo schools by educating education professionals and community actors, and further developing their capacity to implement and promote EDC/HRE in their schools and communities. The first part of the Academy's program will…

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  • 28.09.2018

    Advanced training of FACE Program

    An advanced training the FACE Program (Family and Children in Education) program was held by the trainers of the University of Cyrrih IPE-PHZH, which was attended by elementary school teachers. Also today a presentation of the FACE program was organized for the coordinators of the teaching centers, with the aim…

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  • 28.09.2018

    Study Visits in Albania and Macedonia within PPCR Project

    The European Union funded Project "Promoting and Protecting Child Rights - PPCR" which is  implemented by Kosova Education Center (KEC) in cooperation with Forum ZFD started study visits in Albania and Macedonia. The purpose of these visits is for participants to get acquainted with the importance of school mediation clubs.…

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  • 21.09.2018

    Study Prezantation “Findings from the PISA 2015 test results “

    Kosovo Education Center (KEC) within the EU-funded project "Kosovo Education and Employment Network (KEEN)" presented today the study "Impact of teachers and school resources on the results of Kosovar students - Findings from the PISA 2015 test results ". The study analyzes the results of the PISA 2015 test, respectively…

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  • 17.09.2018

    Distribution of school packages for students of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities

    The process of distributing school packages for students of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities was completed. The distribution was made under the project "EU Support to the Implementation of the Strategy for the Integration of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities - Education for Integration" (EU SIMRAES 2), which is funded…

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  • 07.09.2018

    International Literacy Day

    To mark the International Literacy Day, Kosova Education Center - KEC organized activities with SOS Village children highlighting the importance of reading and at the same time donating a significant number of books to children of different ages. Dita Ndërkombëtare për avancim të shkrim-leximit shënohet çdo vit më 8 shtator…

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  • 23.08.2018

    “Summer School” organized through ASSET Program has begun

    Today, at the "Xhevdet Doda" Gymnasium, the Summer School organized through the USAID Program "After School Support for Teens" (ASSET). During these two days, students and teachers will participate in various activities such as electronics, media education, entrepreneurship, music technology, and debate on the use of technology in schools. All…

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